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The Artsvote Committee is comprised of artists and cultural workers in Toronto, each representing a different discipline. Wondering who is involved in Artsvote? Here you go!

Steering Committee

Kendra Fry – Co-Chair
Jacoba Knaapen – Co-Chair
Maxine Bailey
Kate Cornell
Kim Dayman
Sue Edworthy
Jenny Ginder
Shana Hillman
Amy Mushinski
Jerry Smith

Report Card Committee
Jenny Ginder – Co-Chair
Kathleen Sharpe Co-Chair
Kendra Fry
Nick Tracey
Tim Whalley
Jay Xie

Survey Committee
Kendra Fry
Jacoba Knaapen
Alexis DaSilva Powell
Jenny Ginder
Kevin John McDonald

Communications Committee
Heather Ervin
Heather Kelly
Laura Paduch

Sue Edworthy

Events Committee
Micheline McKay – Chair
Robin Sokoloski
Paulina O’Kieffe-Anthony

Debate Committee
Jacoba Knaapen
Maxine Bailey
Brad Lepp
Gail Packwood





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