Report Card 2018

Mayoral Candidate Grades

 the Artsvote 2018 Mayoral Candidate Survey can be found here

A – John Tory
B – Sarah Climenhaga
B – Saron Gebresellassi
B – Jennifer Keesmaat
C – Gautam Nath

Three additional candidates who completed the ArtsVote survey all received the same score and are listed alphabetically.
C – Mike Gallay
C – Joseph Pampena
C – Dionne Renee

Mayoral candidate grades are based upon:
a) Response to the ArtsVote survey
b) Arts platform (if provided)
c) Assessment of ArtsVote Debate (five participating candidates)

Councillor Candidate Grades

Incumbents are listed in bold.

 the Artsvote 2018 Councillor Candidate Survey can be found here


Ward 1 – Etobicoke North

Cristanti Vincent D
Ford Michael D
Noor Christoper B
Royer Carol C

Ward 2 – Etobicoke Centre

Campbell John C
Holyday Stephen D
Carnevale Angelo B

Ward 3 – Etobicoke Lakeshore

Grimes Mark B
Gough Pamela A
Julihen Michael C

Ward 4 – Parkdale-High Park

Perks Gord A
Dolma Kalsang A
Ginsberg David A

Ward 5 – York South-Weston

Di Giorgio Frank C
Nunziata Francis A

Ward 6 – York Centre

Augimeri Maria I
Pasternak James D

Ward 7 – Humber River-Black Creek

Mammoliti Giorgio E
Perruzza Anthony B

Ward 8 – Eglinton-Lawrence

Carmichael-Greb Christin B
Dunlop Darren B
Johnston Lauralyn A
Pede Josh C
Youssefi Dyanoosh B

Ward 9 – Davenport

Bailão Ana A

Ward 10 – Spadina-Fort York

Cressy Joe A
Myers Rick B

Ward 11 – University-Rosedale

Layton Mike A
Ward Nicki A

Ward 12 – Toronto-St. Pauls

Matlow Josh I
Mihevc Joe A

Ward 13 – Toronto Centre

Troisi Lucy D
Wong-Tam Kristyn A
Khuram Aftab A
Lester Ryan B
Smitherman George A
Willson Megann C
Wolvin Rob A

Ward 14 – Toronto-Danforth

Fletcher Paula A
Fragedakis Mary A
Bennett Lanrick A
Chan Dixon A
D’Andrea Marisol A

Ward 15 – Don Valley West

Burnside John D
Robinson Jaye A

Ward 16 – Don Valley East

Minnan-Wong Denzil E

Ward 17 – Don Valley North

Carroll Shelley A
Hanecak Ian B
Lister Ken A
Liu Christina A

Ward 18 – Willowdale

Filion John A
De Santis Danny B
Epstein David B
Gardner Norman B
Herbst Andrew C
Mousavi David A

Ward 19 – Beaches-East York

Bradford Brad A
Bura Paul B
Del Grande David A
Dyson Diane A
Kellway Matthew B
MacDonald Brenda A
Murton Paul A
Smith Adam A

Ward 20 – Scarborough Southwest

Crawford Gary A
Holland-Berardinetti Michelle B
Arbour Gerard A
Letonja John B
McDermott Robert A
Roy Suman A
Smith Curtis A

Ward 21 – Scarborough Centre

Thompson Michael I
Bucao Randy A
Saifullah Nur A

Ward 22 – Scarborough-Agincourt

Karygianis Jim D
Kelly Norm B
Coutinho Jude A

Ward 23 – Scarborough North

Chow James B
Halstead Dameon B
Srivastava Sandeep B

Ward 24 – Scarborough-Guildwood

Ainslie Paul I
Spencer Michelle A
Washington Morlan B

Ward 25 – Scarborough-Rouge

Shan Neethan B
Cubellis Daniel B
Cain Amanda B
McKelvie Jennifer A

Councillor candidate grades are based upon (incumbents are listed in bold):
a) Response to the ArtsVote survey
b) Arts platform (if provided)
c) Voting record (incumbents)
d) Participation in annual Arts Day at the City (incumbents)

Non-incumbents’ marks are based on their responses to the survey; however there are no voting records or Arts Day participation to add nuance to this assessment. Therefore while non-incumbents are being graded on a similar scale we caution that it is with less knowledge of their working approach to the arts.


A = Champion
B = Supporter
C = Inconsistent
D = Not supportive
E = Oppositional
I = Incomplete (good record of supporting the arts but did not complete the survey).

A = Keen
B = Supporter
C = Needs more convincing

ArtsVote endeavoured to contact all candidates listed on the City of Toronto election website, either by email, or phone. The ArtsVote Survey was emailed to candidates. A group of assessors independently evaluated all the completed surveys.