· ArtsVote was founded in 1993 by a dedicated team of non-partisan arts workers and artists to raise awareness among the cultural community and provide tools to inform electoral candidate positions on arts and culture issues.

Looking Back:

· In 2003 the city set a goal of $25 per capita in the arts and culture sector to be achieved by 2008. For over a decade, Toronto’s arts and culture community have advocated tirelessly encouraging Toronto City Council to keep this commitment. After 14 years of working together, in 2018 the city finally achieved this target.

· Supported by City Council’s investment, the success, and growth of the culture sector has been integral to building Toronto’s global brand and reputation as one of the most livable cities in the world.

· The culture sector generates $11.8 billion in GDP and employs over 174,000 people. Every $1 invested by the City in the non-profit arts sector generates $8.25 in earned revenues plus an additional $11.77 from other levels of government and the private sector.

Looking Ahead:

During the 2018 municipal election campaign, ArtsVote is focussing on three key themes:

1. Arts and Culture Champions

2. Inclusion and Equity

3. Growth and Livability

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