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The Toronto municipal election happens Monday, October 27, 2014. Advance voting takes place on Tuesday, October 14 and Sunday, October 19. Visit the City of Toronto website to find out about:

Who Can Vote: if you’re a Canadian citizen at least 18 years old and either a resident of the City of Toronto, or a non-resident who owns – or who’s spouse owns – property in the city, you’re eligible to vote. Read more, including details for students, rules for school board elections, and information about who cannot vote online… Learn more.

What Identification You Need: voters need to bring ID to the polls, and your Voter Information Card or Notice of Approval do not count. However, the City accepts many different types of identification that show your name and Toronto address, including student transcripts, utility bills, cancelled personalized cheques, and Band Council documents. Learn more.

How to Get Your Name on the Voter List: Don’t wait until election day to make sure you’re on the list! Before July 31, 2014, potential electors can visit to confirm and update their information. On September 1, you’ll be able to use MyVote to make sure you’re on the list. It only takes a minute… Learn more.

How to Vote, and What to Expect on Election Day: you don’t have to be surprised on election day. Prep yourself for what to expect. Learn more.

Where and When to Vote: starting October 2, you’ll be able to use MyVote to find out where and when to vote, learn about accessibility options at their voting location, and see a sample ballot. Learn more.

Special Services for Voters: Toronto voters are entitled to services that make it possible for everyone to vote, including proxy votes, translation and language services, the “bring a friend” support option, and time off work. Learn more.

Accessible Voting Equipment: the Voter Assist Terminal involves many accessibility features, such as an audio function, Braille-embossed key pads, a sip/puff tube, rocker paddle/foot switch, and a zoom feature. Audio and video instructions are online. Learn more.

The Candidates: you can see the full list of candidates here, or go to MyVote and type in your address to find out which mayoral, councillor, and trustee candidates will be on your ballot. Learn more.

…and more! You can connect with Toronto Election Services at or 416-338-1111.

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