ArtsVote was founded in 1993 by a dedicated team of arts workers and artists. They sought to raise awareness among the cultural community of how important it is to vote for candidates who support the cultural sector in the City of Toronto. Through four municipal elections, beginning in 1994, ArtsVote created and distributed the excellent and effective Report Card, which evaluated candidates based on their track record and aspirations for arts and culture policy; and was instrumental in getting arts-savvy voters out to the polls. Between elections, ArtsVote organized deputations to City (& Metro) Council at budget time, encouraging councillors to continue investing in the arts community.


For many Torontonians, the 2014 municipal election feels like one of the most significant political decisions they’ve had to make in a long time. At ArtsVote, we hope to do our part to ensure that arts and culture are a part of that decision, and encourage voters to think about the kind of Toronto they want to live in when they go to the polls. We’ll strive to remain non-partisan, while still representing the best interests of the arts and culture sector. Most of all, we want to be a resource for Torontonians looking to do their part to keep Toronto a vibrant, creative, and fantastic place to live.

Get Involved. Get Educated. Get Voting.

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