ArtsVote picks the winners!

By Jerry Smith, President, Arts Consultants Canada

Should support for the arts in Toronto matter to candidates running for office on October 27, 2014? According to ArtsVote Toronto, the answer should be a resounding YES!

As part of outreachartsvote and education, ArtsVote asks mayoral and councillor candidates – incumbents and challengers alike – “What do you ArtsVote For?”  Based on public record (voting track record over the last four years for incumbents, plus profile research on the challengers) and responses to surveys delivered to all candidates (with contact info listed with the City), as well as a Mayoral debate, ArtsVote prepares its Election Report Card.

In 2010’s municipal election, ArtsVote predicted two thirds of successful councillor candidates running in a ward where there was no incumbent! Congratulations James Pasternack, Anna Bailao, Mike Layton, Josh Matlow, Kristyn Wong-Tam, and Mary Fragedakis.

This fall, ArtsVote is surveying candidates and incumbents again to see where they stand.  We’re immensely proud of what Toronto’s arts and culture sector has accomplished, and are excited for the vibrant future of our community. There are many challenges – and even more opportunities – ahead for artists, culture sector workers, and their supporters. We’re focussed on four key issues. Toronto’s arts and culture community needs:

  1.  Arts and Culture Champions at City Hall
  2. Affordable spaces to live, work, and play
  3. Sustainable funding and growth in investment
  4. A committed Partner – in every neighbourhood

How will Toronto’s future municipal leaders contribute to these issues? Pick a Winner – vote for those candidates who will be most supportive. How will you ArtsVote?

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